PhD Students Supervision





Start Date

End Date

Mohammad Reza Salami

MM Kashani

K Goda

Bristol University

Sep 2013

April 2016

Research subject: Seismic Performance of Buildings Considering Mainshock-Aftershocks: Improvement in Record Selection and Advanced Nonlinear Fibre Beam-Column Model for RC

Framed Structures

Ebrahim Afsar

MM Kashani

R Madandoost

Guilan University (Iran)

Jan 2015

Exp. April 2018

Research subject: Seismic Fragility Analysis and Collapse Capacity Assessment of Ageing RC Building Structures in Chloride Laden Environment

Leena Tahir Kibriya

MM Kashani

C Málaga- Chuquitaype

Imperial College London

Exp. Sep 2016

Exp. Sep 2019

Research subject: Development of a Novel Nonlinear Modelling Technique for Seismic Fragility Assessment of Existing RC Structures Accounting for Ground-Motion Type