MSc Students Supervision





Start Date

End Date

Xiao Ge

(MSc by research)

MM Kashani

NA Alexander

Bristol University

Oct 2015

Exp. Oct 2016

Research subject: Influence of Material Degradation and Ground Motion Type on Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Rectangular RC Columns: Shake Table Experimental Study

Weimin Liu

(taught MSc)

MM Kashani


Bristol University

Oct 2015

Exp. Sep 2016

Research subject: Exploring Nonlinear Dynamics of Biologically Inspired and Resilience Self-Centring Segmental Bridge Piers

Shijia Yang

(taught MSc)

MM Kashani

C Málaga

Imperial College London

Oct 2014

Sep 2015

Research subject: Interaction between Ground Motion Characteristics and Structure Model in Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis